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RAP provides a Fresh Intuitive Gateway to a Safer Workforce Culture. We have been placing Proven Intelligent Safety at the Forefront of Digital Control of Work in High Hazard industries for over 30 years.

  • Operating at the forefront of knowledge-based Control of Work practices since 1994, RAP was originally created as an application in the high hazard oil and petrochemical industry.
  • RAP is not an electronic version of your paper-based systems but focuses on Risk Assessment and Knowledge Mapping providing a Configurable and Highly Scalable solution with the same single system whatever the size of facility. The result being a much safer, simpler system.
  • As a company, we pride ourselves on our safety knowledge, product quality and customer service and support. Operating on a continuous improvement philosophy, we ensure we are at the leading edge of control of work software, keeping people safe worldwide, every day.
  • We are part of Yokogawa Electric Corporation a global Japanese electrical engineering and software company having a global workforce of over 19,000 employees, 84 subsidiary and 3 affiliated companies operating in 55 countries.

Smarter, Safer Working

At Yokogawa RAP, we help companies all over the world work smarter and keep their employees safer with our leading edge control of work products. We take knowledge acquired over more than 30 years in the safety industry, adapt it to your specific business, and make all of this available, right at your fingertips. RAP’s visual icons make job requirements easy to read and simple to understand. More information on any aspect of a job is never more than a click away. Every action is recorded on your tailored RAP system, so everyone can see what has been done, making it quicker and easier to schedule and audit any tasks. From planning to completion, RAP keeps your workforce safer 24 hours a day.

When everyone has the knowledge of RAP at their fingertips, your business won’t just be safer, but more efficient too:

  • Which means less time wasted.
  • Which means more money saved.
  • Which means a company that can keep growing, safely.
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You need to keep your people safe and at Yokogawa RAP, we understand that this means something different to every business. That’s why we’ve built our Control of Work technology with flexibility at its core.

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Over more than 20 years helping businesses all over the world, we’ve built a comprehensive knowledge of what any business needs to know. We’ve taken this knowledge and used it to create a platform that helps your business stay safer

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Our Wealth of knowledge is available to help you design and implement a system which best suits your needs, we have hundreds of installations worldwide and our experienced personnel will be available at any stage to provide excellent customer support.

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"What will always be true is whilst an adequate system will reflect what the organisation requires, a good system will change behaviours. However, a great system will change cultures."

Mark Carter (Yokogawa RAP)

Worldwide Safety

Yokogawa RAP's products are implemented by major corporations in over 150 locations, in 30 countries, available in more than 20 languages with instant translation, scalable from a few permits per week to hundreds per day.

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