WiNoS and RAP Noise Mapping

Exposure to noises over the long term causes adverse effects to Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) of people and their communities. Today noise is one of the major environmental issues that we should be concerned about. RAP can help with this.

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What are the effects of noise on your workforce?

Noise is one of the most common occupational risks in the industrial workplace through various noise sources. The machines and equipment used in plants generate high levels of noise. The louder the noise and the longer workers are exposed to it, the more health-related risks they will have. Thus, noise monitoring is extremely important to ensure HSE for both the workers and neighbouring communities.

The most well-known problem due to noise and sound level exposure is hearing damage, but industrial noise also negatively impacts worker productivity.

To prevent hearing damage, many countries have regulations that impose limits on the amount of noise levels and working time allowed in the workplaces. This not only protects workers’ HSE, but also optimizes worker productivity. To achieve the safest and most effective work schedule in the workplace, maintaining appropriate noise levels is indispensable.

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How can Yokogawa RAP4 and Yokogawa’s Wireless Noise Surveillance System (WiNoS) help your workforce?

We can help protect your workers from prolonged exposure to damaging noise which inevitably occurs on plant during everyday processes.

As well as ensuring your workers have the right PPE i.e., earmuffs, ear plugs, the risk assessment that should be carried out before that stage is key to how you protect your workforce and plan work.

So how can the planners and maintenance teams identify noise and set appropriate levels of exposure to protect the workers on the ground?

With RAP4 you have Risk Assessment at the core of the Permit to Work (PtW) system and Yokogawa’s Wireless Noise Surveillance System (WiNoS) offers noise mapping sensors and software which can be applied to plan work schedules to ensure workers do not exceed specified limits for number of work hours spent in a noisy environment.

By using the wireless noise measurement sensors, the data gathered can construct, in real time, a noise map and superimpose this onto an actual map of the plant within RAP4, ensuring the planning and maintenance teams have full visibility of any apparent hazards and put an action plan in place to mitigate the risk.

A combination of the sensors and both RAP4 and noise map software offers a powerful safety system with real time information to risk assess, plan and issue permit to work tasks with the firm knowledge that your workforce will not face any undue risk and can complete their work safely.


  • Robust Risk Assessment
  • Real Time Information
  • Improved Worker Health
  • Improved Planning
  • SAFE

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