About Us

Yokogawa RAP was established in 1994 and has the proven track record of operating at the forefront of knowledge based Control of Work practices for high hazard industries worldwide.

About Us

Who Are Yokogawa RAP?

Yokogawa RAP specialises in the development and implementation of Digital Permit to Work and safe Control of Work products, supplying the tools and support to improve the safety of your personnel and contract work-force.

Yokogawa RAP has been operating at the forefront of knowledge based Control of Work practices since 1994. From the original application in the high hazard oil and petrochemical industry, our products now provide simple and effective solutions for controlling risk and streamlining work processes in all sectors by a detailed approach to the identification, control and management of risk in the workplace. A programme of continuous product development keeps us at the leading edge of new technology.

Here at Yokogawa RAP we apply Health & Safety industry best practice with a comprehensive electronic risk assessment knowledge base for Control of Work solutions. Our Digital Permit to Work System supports thousands of workforce personnel every day.

Core Values

Leadership Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty Collaborative Working Style



  • RAP Founded
  • 1st installations of RAP at High Hazard Refining & Chemical sites
  • RAP installed at over 28 sites across the UK


  • 1st of Multi-Language Clients
  • RAP goes global with European, ASPAC & Indian Roll-outs
  • UK Expansions to Chemical Plants
  • Global contract with Middle East Major
  • Major European Roll-outs
  • Established US presence in Houston, Texas


  • Global roll-out of RAPnet for more Multinational Oil and Petrochemical Companies
  • Accelerated programme of product development
  • Business expansion
  • Entered into new industries including steel, utilities and infrastructure.
  • 2019 RAP acquired by Yokogawa Electric Corporation


  • Official name change to Yokogawa RAP Ltd.
  • Office and Team expansion
  • Global expansion with Yokogawa
  • New Industries
  • Official launch of RAP4
  • Integration with Yokogawa and Yokogawa Solutions
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