The RAP Audit system allows users to construct audit types, allocate them to individuals to be carried out and record/report results individually and for collated data. All work activity is broken down into individual steps. Each of the steps has its own Risk Assessment.

RAP Audit icon in multi-colour

System | Features

The Audit system has been designed so that different types of audits can be created and stored. RAP’s unique icon system allows the allocation of audits to either work types (all conditions, activities and tools) or to specific people. In this manner, all the maintenance workplace can be covered in a concise and complete manner.

RAP Audit, audit form


  • Collect Audit Answers using Tablets, Smartphones or a web browser
  • Collect Audits for multiple locations and analyse across locations
  • Customise Form Text
  • Data collection is simplified
  • Improved Audit quality
  • Saves time

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