RAP can be configured to use plot plans/maps hosted by WMS (Web Map Service) servers. Most major GIS providers support WMS. WMS maps can have multiple layers which can be turned on/off by the end user, and different information can be displayed at different zoom levels.

Map features can have information embedded in them (such as equipment details) so that when the mouse is moved over them a tool tip or other information can be displayed.

Current Plot Plans start out as CAD files or Satellite Images and then the images generated from them are used in RAP.

RAP GIS icon in colour

System | Features

With GIS data in RAP, spatial queries can be carried out e.g.

  • How many permits within 5 metres of the work area
  • Automatically place permits at the correct functional location

Integration with RAP Mobile

  • If you are using mobile devices, RAP will be able to show you where and when people were when they entered signatures against a permit
A GIS map in RAP

All data entered into RAP’s GIS system can be tagged with owner / interested party details.

RAP converts vector data into GIS friendly formats for graphical representation.


  • Allows a detailed view of large, extended areas
  • Detail can increase as you zoom in
  • RAP supports any WMS compliant server, including ESRI ArcGIS, GeoServer & MapServer
  • WMS compliant GIS Server built into RAP - allows easy viewing of data in your existing GIS software

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