The RAP Mobile module enables all users to interact with RAP wherever they are, ensuring speed and accuracy of information and keeping everyone aware of work status.

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System | Features

  • A Mobile Application optimised for small screen use
  • Location based signatures and measurements make permit issue procedure quicker and easier
  • Barcode / RFID scanner integration
  • Multiple languages
  • Fully compliant with ATEX supported devices currently on the market
  • On and Offline capability

Device Sensors

Certain devices can read UHF RFID tags attached to equipment and retrieve related permits and/or current location. The RFID tag will be programmed to include an identification key that can be associated with a location and equipment attached.

All devices will read 1D and 2D codes on printed isolation tag labels to initiate an action such as signing for the isolation. This enables fast isolation tag identification. If GPS is included on a device the current location can be logged and location specific tasks can be quickly identified and acted upon, providing hands on information management.


All mobile solutions will synchronise wirelessly with RAP Mobile servers.

RAP Permits are visible on mobile devices taken to the work site.

Benefits include:

  • Improved Planning
  • Improved efficiencies with in-field tasks
  • Issue at the workplace
  • Risk Assessment of current conditions
  • Improved communication between all parties
  • Login and see what is going on out in the field

Once the workplace discussions have taken place and the local conditions assessment carried out, the Permit can be released. The mobile device is then taken back to the Permit Office where the new status can be uploaded and synchronised with all other work. The control room operators see the active status in the field meaning both parties are in sync.


  • Efficient use of outside personnel
  • Promotes engagement with the RAP work control system
  • Ensures accuracy and compliance in workplace identification
  • Augments and enhances existing RAP functionality

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