The RAP Reporting Module allows the user to create and run reports using current and historical data derived from all Job, Task, Isolation and Personnel activity in RAP. For example, a report could be created showing all permits completed in an area over a given time period.

Alternatively, a report could also be created showing how many isolations were requested in each area or on certain equipment.

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Dashboards can also be set up allowing an instant view of key KPIs e.g. How many of today’s planned permits have been completed? | How many Confined Space activities are currently ongoing?

The dashboards can be set up to automatically refresh and multiple dashboards can be used in a slideshow format - ideal for displaying on display panels at various locations around the site.

The Routing Element can be applied at both the ‘application’ stage and at the approval stage i.e. once all risk assessment has been made, appropriate documents attached, initial concurrence achieved etc. The Routing Element can be completely configured to each client’s requirements.

A screen showing the process of building a report in RAP


  • Built from the RAP reports
  • Custom Design
  • Visualise as Data Lists, Counters and Graphs Automatically Refresh every minute / hour / day…….


  • Quick overview of ‘what is going on’
  • Share with other users in RAP or via Email
  • Standalone option for use with Display Panels
  • Simple reporting of Management KPI’s

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