The speed at which permits can be issued during turnarounds can have a large effect upon overall performance, with any delays in issuing impacting upon the time taken to get the job done. RAP’s upfront planning capability, its flexible rules and barcode controls greatly enhance this process giving potential for large savings.

The RAPcore Electronic Management of Change process

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The reduction in hold-ups is complemented by the smooth alignment of work processes, with the Contractors, Planner and Operations personnel all working together in complete understanding. This can result in huge cost savings too, with one large (million manhour) Turnaround being reduced by nearly 10% equivalent to 3 days.

The use of Bar and QR Codes in turnarounds gives enhanced control, easier visibility of jobs and improved awareness, resulting in:

  • Simple instruction for contractors giving them 100% certainty of what to do in any instance
  • Accessible and targeted messaging so that contractors can be made aware of safety and job-related issues
  • Simple but safe operation of the system
  • One click access to: risk assessments / permits / contractor identification
  • Effective permit control
  • Eliminates contractor delays
RAPcore eMoC process start

Contractor Work Control

  • Simple, Fast & Effective Permit Handling
  • Improved Contractor Behaviours
  • Less Contractor Waiting Time


  • Quick overview of ‘what is going on’
  • Share with other users in RAP or via Email
  • Standalone option for use with Display Panels
  • Simple reporting of Management KPI’s

Achieve Operational Excellence with RAP

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