Utilities & Infrastructure

The UI module has been developed to cater for businesses with widely distributed asset bases and where a high degree of communication between consenting and affected parties is crucial.

The RAPcore Electronic Management of Change process

System | Features

The module comprises:

Routing Element

  • To select and give notice to all concerned parties that a permit is required
  • Seek agreement from each party
  • To handle the various outcomes should rejection occur
  • Configure when concurring parties will communicate
  • Automate routing upon selection of GIS location (RAP can identify assets and ‘allocate them’ to concurring parties)
RAPcore eMoC process start

The Routing Element can be applied at both the ‘application’ stage and at the approval stage i.e. once all risk assessment has been made, appropriate documents attached, initial concurrence achieved etc. The Routing Element can be completely configured to each client’s requirements.

GIS Capability

  • Show layers of infrastructure
  • Detail pinpoint and general areas of work
  • Input location co-ordinates
  • Remote Devices
  • Daily sign on
  • Input gas tests
  • Confirm Area Check etc.
  • All remote actions can be tracked and spatially verified (GPS)


  • Knowledge of work activity and status in real time
  • Awareness of all tasks over the entire asset map
  • Collective approval of all work
  • Efficient use of remote devices

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