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Our current and future clients satisfaction and confidence in Yokogawa RAP is one of our highest priorities and to receive their positive feedback will continuously be our aim.

We searched for an application that would be appropriate for the level of risk present on site and that would be easy to use and well accepted by the plant workforce. A system that would deliver additional benefits to standard (paper based) permits and was capable of being used at other parent facilities for ‘best practice’ sharing was targeted. The application we choose after researching all options was RAP.

Project Safety Lead
Large Chemical Facility

Due to ever increasing demands from the site as a whole and pressure to complete more and more forms, get more and more signatures leaving less and less time to actually look at jobs, the refinery chose RAP to resolve these issues and to instill efficiency on-site. With RAP’s flexibility and configurability we have added to the system since 2006 to help with more processes on-site such as Turnarounds. These additions enabled very fast permit handling, improved contractor discipline and greatly improved awareness throughout the site and very successful turnarounds.

Senior Operations Manager
Worldscale Refinery

In 2005 we initiated the implementation of a Group Standard in Control of Work. If we were to comply, we needed to change our system for something which would provide us with the improved consistency, clarity and conformity that the standard demanded.

On top of this we faced the issues associated with wide variations in spoken languages, differences in culture, the variable procedures and practices and differing interpretations of compliance. This is the reason we choose RAP to deliver the system we needed.

RAP International’s great depth of Control of Work experience meant that all training and subsequent implementation went very quickly and smoothly with each site going live after just one week of setting up the plant and completing the required training.

Project Engineer
Global Lubricants

We took over legacy operations belonging to a number of former companies. Our challenge was to establish a consistent control of work procedure which was comprehensive and at the same time capable of accomodating the differing requirements of the individual plants. RAP’s inherent ability to deliver these requirements via its flexible icon system was perfect for us.

Operations Manager
Chemicals Complex

Our Refinery and Petrochemical complex was being upgraded to 10 million tonnes of oil and 1 million tonnes of Ethylene per annum. We chose RAP to cope with the massive workload in permits and to deliver a world class safety culture to the site.

Safety Manager
Large Asian Refinery and Petrochemical Complex

On behalf of the company, please pass along our appreciation of RAP's willingness and ability to support us especially with truncated implementation timetables for our other sites. Please also extend this to the entire team, DEV's included! Thank you

Global IT Manufacturing Specialist
Global Chemical Company

Supplier Performance Rating – The criteria for our rating are overall satisfaction of company stakeholders, quality and education of your employees, cross functional cooperation with company stakeholders and on time delivery of your services. RAP’s overall score reached 96%

Lead Buyer IT&S Business Services Procurement
Global Chemical Company
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