The Benefits of a Cloud-Hosted Solution
for Digital Control of Work

There are many benefits from a cloud-hosted solution. Since the launch of cloud computing in the mid-noughties, it has continually highlighted the limitations of traditional IT infrastructure. In a fast-paced digital transformation era, many businesses struggle to adapt to these changes as their technical environments don’t have the ability to respond appropriately.

What cloud-based services offer a business is the power to achieve a much more scalable and reliable IT infrastructure helping to streamline processes and support development and growth. In the recent past, we are seeing a gradual migration by many of our existing clients towards cloud-based solutions to manage their safe digital control of work solutions, while cloud services are a common request for new clients.

Key Advantages of Cloud Computing

Planning for the Future

If your business is planning for growth, cloud-based options offer an extraordinary level of flexibility. Offering almost unlimited bandwidth and storage, instantly scaling up and down capacity enables a business to cope and grow when traffic expands. This flexibility also extends to the employee workplace, ensuring access to necessary applications anytime, anywhere via a remote server offsite.

Business Stability

Cloud computing guarantees secure disaster recovery and backup options without the headache of setting it up on physical hardware and complex backup solutions. The cost of investing in hardware solutions in terms of cost and time can be significant. Cloud computing alleviates this in a cost-effective and expedited manner, depending on the options chosen, offering continuous access even with a failure and minimising downtime and ensuring safety.

Operational Cost Efficiency

One of the foremost advantages of cloud computing is the operation of IT cost savings businesses can achieve. This can be achieved by using remote servers, removing the need for in-house storage equipment plus associated overhead costs such as software updates, management, data storage growth, and environmental conditioning to keep servers cool.


Security is an extremely important remit of a business in the digital age. With cloud computing, operational and security requirements are constantly met by regular system updates, providing safety and peace of mind. The use of cloud data centres, for example, ensures around the clock maintenance of cloud servers and applications, freeing up time and money that clients would spend doing this in-house.

Support the Environment

Many businesses are now choosing to adopt an environmentally friendly approach to the way they conduct themselves. Cloud-based solutions help with this by minimising the carbon footprint through consuming less energy and therefore expelling less carbon emissions and reduce the need for physical hardware in the workplace.


Collaboration is a critical element in improving the capability of any company to implement lessons learned. For example, a client facility may have an incident and apply a robust control for the future. The ability to collaborate and operate with cloud linked systems allows the potential for this improvement to be applied to other facilities within the enterprise easily pending its acceptance by other plants. This is one of many ways that the Yokogawa RAP4 system, for safe digital Control of Work, allows users to grow and develop their safety practices continually.

We at Yokogawa RAP can offer all the above benefits of cloud hosting to deploy our RAP4 digital Control of Work solution as an alternative to on-premise installation and in cases where a client wishes to migrate their solutions to a different environment, the system is designed to be portable. Want to find out more? Get in touch enquiries@rap.yokogawa.com

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